Friday, November 6, 2015

Canning Gold

Canning Gold
By:"Paul B. Frederic"
Published on 2002-01-01 by University Press of America


Canning Gold is a meticulously researched examination of how sweet corn canning helped shape the economy, landscape and people of rural Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont during the \

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Pre-\u003cb\u003eCanning\u003c/b\u003e. Antiquity. of. Sweet. Corn. Historically, the term sweet corn has \u003cbr\u003e\noften been associated with any maize that is eaten while in the milk stage. There \u003cbr\u003e\nare six different types of corn (maize) that collectively are referred to as Indian \u003cbr\u003e\ncorn; ...

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