Friday, January 8, 2016

Cooking Desserts

Cooking Desserts
By:"Murdoch Books Staff"
Published on 2005 by Allen & Unwin


The practical and inspirational meet in this new and lavishly produced COOKING series from Murdoch Books. The COOKING series combines hard-working content, the hallmark of an internationally successful Murdoch food series (such as the widely acclaimed Essentials and The Food of series), with contemporary recipes and food styling to fire the imagination of all cooks. With three distinct strands - ingredients, regional cuisines and cooking styles - the COOKING series has the potential to cover a diverse range of books. From the simple pleasure of cooking the basics to the challenge of expanding your repertoire through the in-depth exploration of a versatile ingredient or an exotic regional cuisine, this series is an essential addition to any kitchen. Each title in this extensive series will feature step-by-step recipes and photographs. Additional information on unusual or misunderstood ingredients, cooking methods or serving suggestions will feature throughout the books. Photographs of the recipes will combine classical styling with a contemporary twist, ensuring an enduring look.

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