Monday, January 4, 2016

Cooking Free

Cooking Free
By:"Carol Fenster Ph.D."
Published on 2005-09-22 by Penguin


Does wheat sensitivity keep you from eating hearty breads? Or lactose intolerance mean the end of ice cream? Not anymore! Nutrition expert Carol Fenster has spent years developing recipes free of the food allergens that wreak havoc on your health, but full of the flavors you love. Because so many of the 6 to 7 million Americans with food allergies have sensitivities to more than just one food, Fenster has created dishes that remove five of the most common allergens-gluten, dairy, eggs, and sugar-providing one book full of delicious recipes for you and your entire family, no matter what your individual dietary needs. Complete with tips on cooking without traditional ingredients and conversion tables that will show you how to substitute alternative ingredients in your own recipes, this book can help keep you healthy while allowing you to indulge in delectable breads, entrées, and desserts.

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